Welcome to BinaryCodex Gaming!

Greetings folks! I am BinaryCodex and welcome to my website! I am a Software Engineer who loves video games, programming, and anime! What better way to combine those loves than by making video games, right?

So, what will you find here? Here you can find any games I am working on along with information, development logs, etc. I am also building RPG Maker MV plugins which can be found here as well.


HckdFrnt Dev Log #1: I’m punching a hole in the window!

Wait… What did he just say? He punched a hole in a window? What window? I don’t get it…

So now I will explain the part I’m currently working on for Project Hacked Frontier. In the theme of breaking out, why not start with punching hole to get out of. By that I mean, can I make the game partially transparent. I’ve been thinking for a while, could I make the background of my game transparent and expose the actual application window behind it? If I can, then maybe I could layer the RMMV game canvas on top of other things. I don’t claim to know exactly how RMMV is built but it seems to be running on web technologies. This makes sense since making it multi-platform would be easier that way. I believe that when you run the game locally, it essentially is running the web version of the game in a mini-browser. So my first initiative in this project is to attempt to leverage this fact and see what I can do with it. As such, transparent backgrounds are my first step to this goal. I will post updates as I get further. Look forward to it.

Project Hacked Frontier

So folks, I wanted to put out some info about my side project which I call Hacked Frontier since I can’t give a meaningful name to it yet. The point of this project is to stretch out RPG Maker MV and see what I might be able to do with it. Take it out of it’s comfort zone, make it do things it was intended for, break out of its barriers and limitations, mix it with some other technologies; doing all of this and seeing what happens. I know what you’re thinking. That is very vague. Well… that’s part of the point. Even I’m not completely sure where I’m going with this. This is an abstract idea that I am working with and I hope to make it more clear in the future.

Check out my first project log for more details: http://binarycodex.moe/archives/261

AtSC Dev Log #4 – Short update after long hiatus… Sir!

Wow! Haven’t had a chance to post again in a while. I have been busy with some other projects as well as this one. Also work, family, and some awesome video games too. (I swear it’s not procrastination. I’m totally not trying to convince myself of that either. >.>) Anyway…

I’ve mostly been working on planning out some puzzles/levels and such. I may even have found someone willing to do some graphics work for me but I’m still in negotiations. I’ve got to tell you though, been in a bit of a game development version of a writer’s block. Terrible! Simply terrible! I have a plan but the details just won’t flow. I really want to hash out some levels to get a demo going to demonstrate the direction of the project. My description may not truly convey my vision. … Dang. I sound like an annoying artist. Time to get back to work!

On the other hand, I have some plugins I developed for MV that I’m thinking of posting here and on the RPG Maker Forums. Look forward to it!

AtSC Dev Log #3 – Shifting focus in a time of frustration.

Me, Myself, and I were discussing the direction we needed to go on this project a while ago. Me suggested we start with getting tilesets and building the maps from there. Myself suggested finishing the half-done features in the few plugins built for the game since there wasn’t much left and it was annoying leaving it like that. I suggested stepping back and working on the planning for the story and mechanics. Should be an obvious choice, right? Well like an idiot Myself and I went with Me’s plan…

So, my efforts with these tilesets have not been satisfying. Honestly, I shouldn’t be focusing on this anyway. I decided to work on my plugins I’m building for a while and have finished the parts of those I wanted to get done. I plan to release these when they are bit more complete. My new focus will be on planning and design for the game. I want to get the core of the puzzles going first and then make sure the story outline is right. These are things more tailored to my skills and will allow me to make much more progress. I do intend to return to the graphics in the future. This is especially true since the 4 seasons need to be distinct. I have a plan for this when it comes back around.

AtSC Dev Log #2 – As the seasons (and tilesets) change…

Hey you! Yes you; in front of the screen reading this post. I’m talking to you! … Don’t give me that look. … Yes. Holidays are over! … OK, yes, we still have New Year’s, but… No, no! I’m not complaining. I just don’t have plans for New Year’s so… Uggh. You are impossible. Let’s just get to the update shall we? … Good. Let’s go!

So, I hope your holidays were fun and exciting! Before the chaos I had been working on my tilesets. Still am. The tilesets are essentially mix-and-matches of tilesets from various sources. I would like to thank gendfleur from the RM forums for your suggestions and I believe I have found some tilesets to use for my purposes! I intend to continue working on these and then I will update the existing maps to make sure I have what I need.

After that, I hope to make some more progress on the initial sections of the game itself. I’d like to get the first part out to a mini-demo to illustrate what I’m going for with this game. It will probably only include a rough version of the prologue section with some Winter parts. (Maybe some Autumn or Spring too?) Once that’s done, I’ll have my foundation to build on for the rest of the game. I can then take a step back and start more detailed plans for the story, puzzles, etc. A bit ahead of myself, maybe, but my goals are clear.

As always, look forward to more to come. I’m excited to get back to work!

AtSC Dev Log #1 – I blinked and missed it.

So I get home one day and say, “I’m going to get more done on my game development for As the Seasons Change!” Shortly after I get a call from my [insert important person] and find I have to take care of things or else [insert consequence]. Sound familiar? Yeah that happened a few weeks ago. I didn’t have any time to do any work since I was constantly on my phone or computer taking care of the issue. That got fixed, but then I have to pack for the trip I took last week. Next thing I know, it’s been a few weeks since I worked on this game! So I apologize if it seemed like I abandoned this project right after I started. I promise you I didn’t! I intend to ramp up production again.

Meanwhile, I did get some work done in the last few days. Mostly I polished some of the RMMV plugins I was making for this game and have released them to my plugins page. I also acquired the Town of Seasons tileset by Sherman3D which is perfect for this project! I’m currently doing editing with it to make it ready to go. I hope to get the existing maps updated with the new tilesets soon. Once I do, I’ll upload screenshots.

That’s it for now. Look forward to the next update!

The First Byte – RPG Maker Game and Plugins

Okay folks. This will be my first entry. I’ve decided to give a quick introduction to my projects for RPG Maker. I hope you like it.


As The Seasons Change

Aya lives peacefully by herself in a quite corner of the woods. She loves nature and enjoys watching as it changes and grows. Those days could go on forever… At least until the day when the world’s natural flow fractured. Aya awoke to find that though it should have been late Spring, her peaceful valley had been covered by snow and a blizzard was roaring. Not only that, but she herself had changed. Where once her hair was the darkest shade of black, it was now the purest white. Even her eyes, grey as stormy clouds, had turned to a cold, deep, blue. What could this mean for Aya? She felt that there was more to her sudden change than was first apparent and decided to search for answers.